Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tea, Teatime, Afternoon Tea, High Tea... in H-town

Afternoon Tea
High Tea

Yes, there is a difference
and you shall see very plainly

Here is Afternoon Tea
at Kiran's Indian Restaurant
in Houston, TX

on a Saturday only at 2 pm by reservation
$35.00 base, plus added charges for different drinks
like bubbly or spiced apple cider before the starter, or grand marnier after dessert kind of choices
and even water you have a choice - tap, bubbles or still

had a table for 2, tho it's not just a girlfriends thing to do I saw
here there were also couples at a few table
(and I have to say once & once only I have seen a business men's lunch at an Afternoon Tea - in NOLA & no, they were not what you might think--they were just business men at lunch, talking business)

if you've enjoyed an Afternoon Tea before you'll note what's missing--the 3 tier towers
I did miss them, our next tea out we've decided will have towers at the table

Starter - Indian touch , spicy

Savory plate - of all the things, the deviled egg is spicy
and my Fav the top one with peas in it, again of all the things

Dessert course with of course scones
2 odd points here--the pink macaron tho precious was fall apart dry when I took one bite & I was done with that... then the lovely lemon cup would of been lovely to get to the bottom of it, as the tiny spoon did not do the job (a lesser odd note was that the clotted cream per the menu had a taste of either sour cream or greek yogurt--we weren't sure which & didn't ask, all & all still yummy with jam on a scone)

Note: you are served starter, main plates & then for desserts you get to get up & choose your own
waiters serve you teas - before the starter, during the main plates & afterwards for dessert (that one in a gold trim tea cup & saucer)

Teas: Chai, Jasmine, Green tea, Earl Grey was served (but I think there were more choices & I think that Kiran's daughter makes a Chai tea that they sell in a lovely little tin - see them at the tables & at the front entrance, along with a bag of loose tea if you don't care for a tin...I am not fond of spice, spicy, do I declined the Chai but my friend said it was not very spicy & she enjoyed it--next time, maybe...)


Tea/Teatime vs Afternoon Tea (low tea or light tea or full tea or cream tea or even strawberry tea - for further confusion) vs High Tea...

read more here - per Wiki...

but basical for me... Tea/Teatime I think is at home tea or a stop for a cuppa at a coffee/tea shop or as some call them a tea room--which could also be used for Afternoon Teas I'm guessing, tho a cream or light one
Afternoon Tea is a light lunch with mini sandwiches & at least a scone, clotted cream/jam
High Tea is more like what we might call dinner/evening meal, it's more hearty (somewhere it was called Meat Tea--hah?!)
And I wonder if maybe only properly is taken in the UK - when we were in London I looked up a hotel that I had hoped to have either/or (Afternoon Tea/High Tea) at, only there were reservations & a long wait & I would not have gotten in during the days I was in town--another time then...

other distinctions - Cream Tea - per Wiki...
with the famed Devonshire Clotted Cream...mmm...
looks to be just tea with scones & clotted cream with jam

further confusion explained here - - Tea - High Tea vs Afternoon Tea...
which adds another--the Children's Afternoon Tea Party


On my short list for next Afternoon Tea in H-town...

High Tea Houston

The St. Regis Hotel - Afternoon Tea Service...

note: Yay--I see a 3 tier tower on the table & also that the setting looks rather 'western' (but will forgive as it is Houston, TX afterall)

Hotel Grandduca - Afternoon Tea...

note: lovely table of china setting with a garden view (no 3 tier tower in sight, but still lovely)

2 other Hotels listed when search...

1) The Four Seasons
but then nothing at all on their webpage, maybe has been discontinued

2) Omni Hotel
there are no photos of actually tea service, tea tables, but there is a menu
that does look like an Afternoon Tea service

at least 2 Tea Rooms are also listed when search...
though cheaper price, they look it--but may still try one after the others

1) McHugh Tea Room & Gifts...!afternoon-tea/c1lhq
see 3 tier towers in a photo, but am wondering if the food choices are larger than some (as in that Texas is Bigger & Better saying--which I don't care for at all, or things of  'Texas Size" - as in I think, way too large!)

2) Your Cup of Tea - a Traditional English Tea Room...
looks to be very simple - tea, cut up bread sandwiches, scones

Until my next Afternoon Tea I'll be steeping either my morning dark tea or my afternoon green tea...
(I am a Rare Bird I think at times as I am also in serious love with coffee--at anytime of day?!)

Here's to a New Year--New Adventures, new food or tea/coffee adventures to come this year...
like February's Second Annual Caffeine Crawl Houston TX - I've chosen Route 4, more to come after that day of coffee adventure fun...eee...

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