Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Frida Festival - Ea Do Houston TX

Frida Festival
Ea Do
Houston TX
April 10-24, 2015

East End Gallery

Frida Invitation

10th Annual
(& I've missed it until this year?!)

Facebook event page
all the lovely lovely photos of Frida on here, the art & the live photographs of women in costume - missed the opening event, but went to the gallery before it was over

from the live model photos - Diane & Karina are my Fav
artist: Alex Barber - Visible in Light

Alex Barber - Visible in Light...

Frida Festival webpg - 2014
few Fav's from the gallery...

amazingly on cardboard... by a High School teacher...
would love Loved to have had her in Art Class in HS!!

Libelula Frida
know that libelula = dragonfly

see her/Mandy Peyrani's April 10, 2015 post
with this Libelula Frida mixed media (is it crayons on cardboard--if so that's amazing)
I did not see this as a dragonfly--must look closer now
adore dragonflys & Frida!!
I could 'not' afford this price
tho I'd been told she's an art teacher--even to help out an art class, I could not

Lizbeth chose this print as the poser art for the 10th annual Frida Festival
Artist: Arat Ronen
who also created the street art/mural wall outside the door of East End Gallery
see photos of that wall further below this (I did not put those two together,
until I was told & looked at the name on the art/poster again)

few Fav's from elsewhere...

Few Fav's out & about at the antique shop - she's everywhere, Frida...
you can prob still buy her at indoor gianormous antique market warehouse on Louette Rd
up in Spring, TX just off I-45 a few streets

Few Fav's from Biscuit Home Frida Series...

I was ever so tempted to buy the glass tumbler set
with Frida's faces on them by artist Sarah Ashley Longshore

Artist - Sarah Ashley Longshore

Ashley Longshore Glasses-Senorita

Senorita (aka Frida Kahlo)

the PopArt Party at Biscuit Home in March

Papercity - Birds of a Fanciful Feather

Biscuit Home
(found it first for it's drippy colorful streetart wall)

Biscuit Home Streetart Wall
MrD Art
(before his largest mural wall & now his gator wall at UofH)
#eyefulart #mrd1987
#uhdgatorwall (on my street art list of Things yet to see in H-town?!)

Few more Fav's I have at home or brought home...

"el dia la noche" print
Friditas by Lulu Pink
10th annual Frida Fest 2015 - East End Gallery
(note: I bought a wood block with 3 Chihuhua's for me & another print of  "dos ninas" for a gift)

copy of photo of street sign pointing the way to Frida Kahlo Museo
when Lizbeth Ortiz went to visit with her boyfriend, now forget who took the photo
but I liked it, for Frida, for the street art/slap stickers all over it

a thank you card from a friend, who btw has a Frida Room in her airbnb outside of Lafayette, LA

1899 Stonewood Plantation #2 - Opelousas, LA - near Lafayette, LA
(aka the plantation home with the Frida Room!!)

(note: I will find my photos in that room next... love these hosts--Jim & Christy <3)

on the cards back cover:

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954)
"self-portrait (Dedicated to Leon Trotsky), 1937" oil on masonite, 30 x 24 inches (76.2 x 61 cm)
*Copyright: National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.
on a greeting card by Galison New York

3 black & white postcards (some of my Fav art is in black 'n white)

postcards left to right:

#32 con blusa bordada - with an embroidered blouse

#34 con rebozo a rayas - with a striped rebozo
fotografo Fritz Henle (1936)

#29 Cirda 1939

all three postcards labeled...
Martha Zamora
(note: I did buy these in Mexico tho, now I think I bought them at an art gallery shop in Houston - if not perhaps the Menil or ?? Also tried to find her webpage or Facebook page with these postcards on them or her postales page that shows up when you Google here but it wouldn't open...)

Coffee next door...

Bohemeo's Cafe

coffee at the cafe patio table

outside at the cafe wall

"East End People Keep it Real..."

1 a native... of Bohemia
2 vagabond, wanderer
3 a nonconformist

inside - the mural in the ladies bathroom
(seriously made me want to go see what's inside the men's?!)

#cuttle may or may not be the artist, I have my suspicions

Ea Do aka East of Downtown
East End
(funny--in London, UK I think there are also East Enders)

outside both of the above street art...

Anat Ronen mural just out the doors of East End Gallery or Bohemeo Cafe...



my usual, in need of tag translation
but love the pastel colors
is it Lola? or Frida? or LeilaG?

#wiley #wileyarts #wileyskull

another #morrissandlulu #frida
flowers & eyelashes & that unibrow--none other!!

walking around, more streetart
if you drive around EaDo also more streetart
that I will discover another day, getting lost
what a wonderful way to discover--getting lost out driving
with a GPS that doesn't know where it's going?!

note: aw shoulda done this post back in April, now it's May--nearly June...
today day after dealing with the crazy rain/monsoon/flood event/historic flood...
Springtime in Houston... so very lucky at our house after watching the news
(end that with strobe light lightning flashing & pouring buckets of rain & cars swallowed or washing away like toys -"people stay home" could be added to--"turn around don't drown"--the new ad campaign in H-town!!)