Sunday, July 6, 2014

Awesome Ass Numbing Trip Continued Here

Awesome Ass Road Numbing Trip Part Deaux

since I cannot continue on previous post
I will start anew
I don't know why, so I move on...


Chattanooga, TN
downtown - B&B
Stone Fort Inn
Upstairs Suite--Sw ee t

link to Stone Fort Inn...

link to Terramae Restaurant...

next door, as part of the Stone Fort Inn
Breakfast was glorious
we were torn having to go out to meet friends for dinner
both nights we stayed there

bottled water in our suite, for free
you 'never' get this 'ever' so it was a delight

wee room at the Inn

dessert - sorbet cake
had never thought of this before--sorbet 'in' the cake layers

dinner out, down Market street before the bridge

link to 212 Market Restaurant...

pedestrian bridge stroll after dinner
before sunset
across to the one side the view to the white cliffs of the museum
that I didn't notice when we visited/stayed on the Bluff in the past
Bluff Art District

link to the Hunter Museum...

at the end of the bridge a streetart/grafitti/stencil find
City Mouse Country Mouse
that the next day will be covered up in darker blue
my personal grafitti walking tour along with my coffeeshop discovery tour
will not be dissuaded by meer blue paint

a riverboat
as I've lived in Lafayette, LA visited NOLA
been on a riverboat
I find it funny seeing them anywhere but in the Mississippi Delta
in say Louisiana

sunset over Chatt
from the other side of the walking bridge from the museum/art district
and as they call the one end the Northside I guess we started from the Southside

Day One - Chattanooga, TX aka Chatt


Breakfast glorious
until I picked up the yogurt thinking being good
'n healthy & adding to it cereal & scooping up a spoonful
only to taste something quite different than just fruit on my tongue
I did not read to the last ingredient but my tastebuds were rudely awoke after that spoonful

who in the world puts habanero/peppers in their greek yogurt
I could not eat it, I had to make another bowl
lesson for future will read 'all' the label
word to the wise--expect the unexpected in foodie culture these days

walking tour
from downtown
10th & Market
toward the Pedestrian bridge
pass by where there's suppose to be a Food Truck roundup
that's not there, tho it says is there on Wed's
so I enjoyed the streetart/grafitti walls
"for the love of art"
and the sculpture, from a few angles

looking thru touristy newspapers, magazines
or online - as in searching Coffeeshops
find this one & that it's moved & where to
and almost missed it as there was a construction vehicle out front
when I passed by across the street, then I looked back & just knew it was there

link to Cadence Coffee Co - Facebook page...

first stop on my personal Coffee Tour
for a machiato, cookie treat
going along with my personal Grafitti/Streetart (stumble upon) Tour

statue niches
each side there is statue, but one is left empty
for the lost firemen
there is a plaque on the brick wall behind them
look 'n read too while on walking tours

going to cross the street
but wait--I think that's a 'slap' a 'sticker'
part of streetart/grafitti tour
often there are posts involved or metal signs or metal boxes
when spotting slaps or stickers
this one hit me as it's a QR Code
but I've yet to find a good reader app for my Droid phone's when I wonder why I don't have an iphone

and what does it say you might wonder...

"you should totally send me some Bitcoins. You know, because puppies"
cute/cleve huh--I do know at least what Bitcoins are now but haven't any & prob never will

"And then one day it happened"
on the way to the Pedestrian bridge

link to artist - Charlie Brouwer...

note: happy he did 'not' call it stairway to heaven
or ladder to the heavens or any such thing as that
happy too it looks to be used wood put to a new use
as artist fodder, second life, like that
it's of locust wood, I don't know that wood
I thought locusts for real eat everything in a madness akin to monster flics

festive, like the big top to a circus
only under the blue top there is a carousel
I like that they've put it inside
next to it a splash fountain & a park
on the other side of the bridge there are trees
one of them sings, with the sounds of wind chimes
I did not walk down to find them, but I heard them
as if kids were going wild clanging all of them
which is probably so, what a wonderful playground

streetart/grafitti walking tour of my own continues
on the northside, across the pedestrian bridge
down an alley or two
I like what I find
there are pasteups & caligraphy
there are layers
sadly there are also signs & warnings about camera's
yet there still there it is--streetart

first there is a cat, not a lucky cat
then there is a skull 'n apple with "trust issues"
then caligraphy of the "future"
and panda by 'zero' - that reminds me of an artist I've seen in Stavanger, Norway
toyz or dotmaster I think it was--there is a streetart festival starting at TouScene
I was lucky enough to be there a year, had a tour--no matter I don't speak Norsk
next up the 2 faces, not as interesting but there they are together in their lonliness
followed by a wine/tobac pasteup wall
funny--knowing at the same time a Brit friend, met in Stavanger, was then on a winetour
in Cali somewheres--she enjoyed the igram photo (ah social media how I love thee)

Velo Coffee - Local
found at Local Whole Foods
I bought one to take home
it's whole bean, I will grind it, V-60 it when I am at home again
I suppose local roasters, where ever they may be
and local barista's
I had a cortado from the coffeebar
the barista liked my Wakami bracelets
I hope he does indeed look them up & orders him some

link to Velo Coffee - Chatt, TN...

Aquarium - outside
where all the water features are
what fun--water steps on the side, before the fire canyon water fall into the river by the bridge
underneath the other archways in the courtyard of the Aquarium between buildings
are ponds with big round as if river stones at the edge of many of them
some with concrete, broken structures above them--like the sidewalks have opened
many kids were running around in bathing suits going from one to another
one family had lost a ticket into the center of one & asked one of the kids to quickly go rescue it
(oh my Brit friends can read that as--swimming costumes...Oh the English language how I love it)

And at the this end of the what I'll call the Driving Bridge is a statue
appropriately called--Summer

Chattanooga Coffee Co
found accidently when I got off the free trolley a stop too late
and had to walk back to 10th & Market
only to find this was like a street over from the Stone Fort Inn
and I'd missed it ealier
so time for an iced coffee, as the personal coffee tour starts to wind down
one more, maybe

link to Chattanooga Coffee Company...

met up the climbing friends
who twisted our arm once again to eat elsewhere
this time German
across the bridges to the Northside
here a cherry topped snitzel with purple slaw & veggies on the side
there were leftovers, we let the climbing mom take them home to the climbing boys

link to Brew Haus Bar...

note: don't ask me about the beer...I had unsweet tea, me...

more walking after dinner
back across the pedestrian bridge
to the Bluff Arts District
this park is closed at dusk
but you can look over the fence

i spy icarus
flying for the river at sunset

i also spy firefllys, lighning bugs
but I cannot spy them with the cellphone camera...sigh...
but trust me--they were there
they are rare
looked them up again
see them too rarely now
use to be could spot them as kids in the backyard in St. Pete, FL
once in Kansas, outside of the Oz museum
now here in the Bluff Arts District

link to the Wiki about them--Firefly, Lightning Bug...

my fav creature, even after seeing fireflys
the dragonfly, this one half woman--even better
shared too on Facebook with a theatre friend who adores them as I do
this one very silvery & blueish with the sunset light over the bridge

we stayed up here on the Bluff another time
maybe even this house, I don't recall dragonflywoman

link to Bluff View Art District...

link to Bluff View Inn...

link to Bluff View Inn - Facebook page...

link to Chattanooga fun - Accomodations - Bluff View Inn...

not just sunset over the pedestrian bridge again
but a tiny hotair balloon out of what looks like a plastic bag
there was more than one, starting from one side of the bridge
would go up, over, then fall onto the other side
somewhere underneath the Hunter museum
there was a Haunted Tour speaker on the bridge
all her tour were mesmerized by the balloons
is she could of tied them into her storytelling that would of be amazing

bye bye sitting room
hello Box Water for traveling
considered if not glass bottle water in the room then there is the 'box'

link to Boxed Water is Better...

note: first found them at the coffeebar
now I'm hearing they're at Whole Foods
and at least one Farmer's Market I visit

Signal Mountain
before leaving Chatt, TN

link to About Signal Mountain - Town of Signal Mountain...

Signal Mountain view
and Signal Mountain Trailheads, miles of them

I refused to walk thru the grass
remembering that horrible incident of walking thru NC grasses on a trail
only to come home with chiggars & last for what felt like months
there are scars, I have never itched/scratched that much in my life
I tired every salve know to man & then some, but still they persisted
this is why some folks spray themselves down with Deet, as bad at that is

End of TN
onward to MS, LA, TX

Natchez, MS
The Eola Hotel

link to The Eola Hotel...

link to Visit Natchez...

link to Natchez Trace Parkway

the long way, the scenic route
I could count the 'live' animals along the way
and the cars that passed, on one hand,
and the crops, tho never know what's growing
unless it's corn--I can spot corn stalks (I am 'not' a farmer)

but first stop dinner
after made our way thru the rain to the hotel, to find parking on the street, to check in dripping & up to our room, back down thru the historic hotel to just down the street at the corner...

link to Biscuits and Blues...

note: we were only there for dinner, biscuits too of course--but no blues this time
had the most de-lish meal, a specialtiy--never had, never heard of & yet lived in Lafayette, LA
& visited NOLA often...

crawfish beignet
so perfect, so yummy, so want to try & replicate
so bummed they would 'not' share the recipe, humph...
I am still searching for a recipe to follow to recreate this dish - one day...

and then there were the fresh made biscuits, for like dessert
with fruit butter

from the menu:

Crawfish & Mushroom Beignet
Crawfish and mushrooms sauteed in a light garlic cream sauce. Served
inside a warm beignet. Featured in Greg Iles novel “The Quiet Game”

link to more about the author's book on Wiki - the main character's home town is Natchez, MS...

link to more about the author - Greg Iles, who was raised in Natchez, MS...

The Eola courtyard
I read later it's a flaming waterfall
it was not the evening before or this morning
maybe it's a weekend/party kind of thing
still I adore a courtyard

breakfast awaits
and coffee, tho Community coffee
even in MS there is LA coffee
then later still I realize, going over the bridge, LA is just across the river
had read this place had breakfast--but didn't read til too late there was an espresso machine in there as well...sigh...another time then, something to look forward to

link to Natchez Coffee Company...

note: when I got home went searching for this coffeeshop & found that there's a local coffee roaster I shoulda tracked down as well...for the name alone...sigh...again, another time...

link to Steampunk Coffeeroasters...

taking note: on High close & yet so far...

after the rains
pink snow, at the curbs

down by the river
white snow, at the curb
aka teeny tiny crepe myrtle flowers

down by the river, the river, the bridge, the bluff
more about the Natchez Trails
started by buffalo, followed by Indians & then of course
it was all taken over

at the park by the river & the bluff & the gazeebo
there is a plaque dedicated to Richard N. Wright, author
2 books noted here were Native Son & Black Boy
I found it just as interesting reading over the Wiki that he wrote Haiku

link to Richard N. Wright Wiki...

note: born in MS in the 1900's then moved to Paris, France in 1946 died there in 1960
what a story there must be in just that move
he's buried in my all time Fav cemetery--Pierre Lachase
now I'm wondering how I missed his marker trolling the trails there
more than once, taking a gadzillion photos every time

gazebo, bandstand
rock dedication to The Natchez Trace
that we'd driven on, but lost cell phone reception on
so while on it couldn't look up the history of it
until we got to town & started reading more about the trail

in town a different Natchez trail
a walking trail
a set of them, color coordinated
an orange, a green,

link to the Natchez -friends of the river - trails...

note: we did 'not' go visit Natchez Under the Hill--aka the Naughty Port...

Natchez Under the Hill
Visit the last street that remains of the bustling, naughty port known as  Under the Hill. Before the river changed its course this was home to gambling houses and brothels in addition to merchants -- a startling contrast to the antebellum splendor that awaits you on top of the hill. See Old Man River up close!

already I like this woman, from her photo & her dream...

link to Ole Miss Edu - more about Mrs Roane Byrnes Collection aka Queen of the (Trace) Parkway...

Natchez Indians
Grand Village
we only visited via photos
I found this drawing interesting
with his tailed cloak & another tailed lil critter in his belt

we mostly followed the green Natchez Trail thru downtown
from near the Eola Hotel down to the waterfront or the Bluff

Biscuits and Blues
passing in the daytime

more hotel Eola courtyard
then inside, all the history, all the old furniture
would of likes a tour of just that

the regal, royal chair, just in the entryway after the courtyard into the Eola Hotel
after the visiting 'king' rose I took note of the arm rest, really--that's awful
I need an explanation & a tour of just this chair, onward thru the lobby

inside the elevator
realize that back in the day the brass cage like folding door would of been pulled closed
and most likely an elevator operator to push your floor button
and a bell hop/lobby boy to carry your luggage up to your room

Lafayette, LA
stop for lunch

Bread & Circus
finally after only ever finding them at the Farmer's Market
they have gone to their Brick & Mortar restaurant
one Bendel Gardens Road

I am having the famous Juicy Lucy
Yes--it is a burger, it is very juicy, it is also very delicious
on the side roasted corn grits
and a sweet tea sweetened with something I've forgot--homemade fruity goodness I believe

Manny/Abie are Fab u lous in more ways than one

link to Bread & Circus Provisions webpage...

link to Facebook - Bread and Circus Provisions...

Home again, TX (for now)