Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let me tell you about a thing called coffee

Let me tell you about a thing called coffee
it's a good thing, as Martha Stewart was fond of saying
a very good thing

I'll start with recently & work my way back
then there will be the Caffeine Crawl
but that's later this month--and Yes I have a ticket, of course

In the mail this week I received my box of compostable coffee pods
I could smell them even before I opened the kiosk mail box
and I knew--it was my Kickstarter Reward for i green pod coffee
there was sadly a delay, as I moved & I didn't give them my new address
but the coffee is in great shape far as I can tell
tasty & 100% biodegradable & it's doing good or those behind it all are

link to the kickstarter project...

(note: I am a Backer--that's why I got a box of igreen coffee pods before I don't know who all...)

Where does the coffee beans come from?

Shawn Altman has been working with located in Abilene, TX. Through this organization, he has met and started working with a minister in Nicaragua who is helping farmers grow coffee. In the past, many of these farmers were growing drugs while their communities were being impacted by corruption, crime, and much worse. With the minister’s help, the farmers are now growing coffee and changing the economics of the area. No longer is there crime and corruption in these villages. Buying this coffee will help to improve lives.We are working with Rose City Roasting Company, which is a new start-up in Portland. We want to partner with Rose City and to connect with other local roasters in Portland in a similar way. We are connecting you to these artisan roasters and then connecting those roasters to places like the villages mentioned above. This builds a truly unique network of change.

a link to an article about the kickstarter & iGreenPod, Inc...

"We asked ourselves, What would nature do?" - Shawn Altman, owner

link to webpage - iGreenPod...
note: couldn't figure out how to order from the webpage, will go look on their Facebook page
it could be Kickstarter finished, awards just out, so these are the first iGreenPods out in the world
Yep you can click on the link on the Facebook page & it goes to where you can order your iGreenPods
in Light, Medium, Dark, Vanilla & Hazelnut for a Promo Price now but as all good things it will prob go up

link to Facebook page...

note: how I missed this but I after Kickstarter there came the Facebook page
now the webpage & you can order from the webpage with a link from the Facebook page
I couldn't seem to get it to work directly, but as long as it works & I get more iGreenPods I'm good to go

OK so ordered Dark Roast this time, as the first box I think was Medium Roast
I get 16 cups with 35% off for a Thank you Special going on this Month
How FAB u lous is that?!


V-60 No.1 (if you know where to get filters, besides online, let me know)
Bodum Water Kettle in Red (for extra high energy)

Another way I make coffee, there are so many--but the best is having a Barista make it
especially an espresso or cortado or macchiato...

macchiato outdoors
with a side of chocolates for Valentines...
John Kelly for the bestest choice in the bag - dark choc's with sea salt...

link to John Kelly Chocolates - but you can buy them at Hubbell & Hudson in The Woodlands...

Photo: Grogan's Mill Farmer's Market we're ready for ya! It's a gorgeous morning so come on out and see us. #righteousbros #coffee #enjoythebest #supportlocal #smallbatch #wearapolis
at Grogan's Mill Farmer's Market
where I try to go every Saturday
and have a cup of brew from these really nice roaster guys
you pay by tip? how cool is that!

follow them on all the Social Media--that or online or at the Farmer's Markets...
or once I caught them at the German Festival in Tomball?! no brick 'n mortar yet...
every roast I've tried I've enjoyed--without sugar or cream, nothing needed when it's good!
(only downside is again it's not an espresso, it's not a macchiato or a cortado)

<>< <>< <>< <><

above photos of all the other coffees I have enjoyed out so far that took a snap of
made by a Barista, which as I've said is the best
sigh...mostly tho Barista's in Houston
I've yet to find one yet in The Woodlands, or a good Coffeeshop, but I'm new & still on the look out...

In no particular order, I've tried...

in The Woodlands:

Hubbell & Hudson, their own roast, both locations
Right.eous Brothers (roasters, only found at the Farmer's Markets - Grogan's Mill or Tomball, on Saturdays)
Great Harvest - Bristot Italian coffee
Gourmet Bakery Cafe (same coffee as Great Harvest, Italian tho owners are French)
Aroma Coffee Bar (it's a Mall shop, not a kiosk, but not much better than)
Dosey Doe Coffee--I drove to, within the hours they were suppose to be open but they were closed (I have not been back yet, but I will or I will call)*
Brooklyn Cafe
Black Walnut Cafe
Panera Bread
Blue Mug Cafe*

*Dosey Doe Coffee
in the Woodlands

this is 'not' a macchiato - tho I asked for one, shoulda known something was wrong when the girl asked me if I wanted a small or large cup...I could see the wee espresso cup, so I said well it's an expresso I shouldn't have to order small or large but if you need to, put it in a small cup...then uncovered it in the car & could 'see' again 'not' an expresso 'not' a macchiato...apparently they are more into music or lunch service than coffee...sigh...another disappointment...but cute a*s paper coffee sleeves, as well as t-shirts in the shop (I was tempted, esp in the neon colors...) and cute logo too "Coffee that takes you away" - this I'm sorry to say did not do that, tho I took it away to 'not' finish it...

*Blue Mug Cafe

another 'not' an espresso nor a macchiato...esp sad when the cup & the coffee are Italian, authentic no less...but the 'barista' tho he said he knew what a traditional macchiato was did 'not' make me one (he was not an authentic Italian...) sigh...but it was comforting inside & will try again, the pastries/gelato looked lovely...maybe it was bad barista day...was hoping for more as I was out Valentine's shopping--which is why the wee purple mustached piggie is 'heart' pinned, for the day, for #loveday :o))

not in The Woodlands
but not in Houston either
in Vintage Park:

CoCo Crepes & Coffee
link to CoCo...

now this This THIS is an espresso, a macchiato...made by a barista, so perfect, just what I needed...
but what a drive, all the way to Vintage Park--I cannot do that everyday, even once a week for a search goes on--come on Woodlands, surely there is one that can be there for me whenever I need a coffee & not just my luck of the draw of barista's at Hubbell & Hudson, which is a Bistro at one location & a grocery/cooking school/restaurant at another location - so not all & all a coffeeshop...

their crepes looked wonderful being made, but my friend & I had already eaten lunch at Peli Peli (which was very interesting to learn what S.African Fusion Food was & it was all de lish) but will have to try crepes another time...sweet or savory, hmm...

in Houston:

Drexel House - illy - Highlands Village
Southside Espresso - Montrose Area
Catalina Coffee
Inversion Coffee House
Greenway Coffee - Greenway Plaza & at Revival Market

yet to do in Houston:
(but may be on the Caffeine Crawl - Tour One, coming up month end)

Boomtown Coffee
The Nook Cafe
Double Trouble
Empire Cafe (I went years & years ago, needs a revisit)
Black Hole
Minuti Coffee
Java Java Cafe
Katz Coffee
Cougar Grounds
Dirks Coffee (again years & years, needs a return visit)
Kaffeine Coffee & Internet
Paper Co Coffee
Buzz Barista
etc, etc...

I have a lot, A Lot, of Coffee Trials to go yet...until the Caffeine Crawl, then there will be more...
Adventuretime with coffee is my all time fav time
thank you Houston Coffee Gawds :o))