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NOLA in July, ah what's a lil heat--there's always cold coffee!

NOLA in July

July 7-10, 2015

Yes, you can visit in the Summer... and... you can walk all over too?!
Plus drink lots & lots of cold brew or iced coffee or espresso sodas!!

arrived in the evening
dinner - walking distance from Drury Inn Hotel on Poydras/Carondelet
Pecan encrusted catfish (lived in the South a lot of yrs, always love catfish)

link to Tomas Bistro at Tchoupitoulas/Julia - Museum District/Central Business District...

next morning
walk to coffeeshop

HARO Coffee & Chocolate
or banana with espresso
while flipping thru Gambit - smile
find another new coffeeshop - Revelator
(on my list to find next)

link to Coffeeshop - Haro at Carondelet & Girod...

HARO sleeve - to add to my 'new' collection of coffee sleeves eh?!

(note: how do you say their street? Carondelet = Ca ron de let so about like: Kah RON duh Let or I was told this is how to say it, but then not the cross street--Girod hah?!)

from HARO walked to Rouses Grocery Store
at Baronne & Girod - to get more bananas today
finding in the freezer case, of all the things, Angelo Brocato
Italian Ice Cream from a 'been around forever' local shop that my spouse was looking for/craving or as a local may or may not say they have an 'envie' for...
there is no Spumoni nor Cassata in there, but Mini Cannoli's & Ice Cream choices
later we will walk back here for him to go for a single Cannoli & Pistachio Ice Cream
(sadly finding that our lil room fridge is not up for the task of saving frozen goods, even with extra ice in a bag from the ice machine)

passing some #streetart #grafitti
#slaps #stickers - one way to #gummibears aw
#achoo #smilieface (makes me want to smile then say 'bless you' from childhood training, if anyone sneezes you say "bless you" - it's like automatic, can hardly stop myself) note: saw lots more Achoo all over town!
and on big old scared by demolition probably brick wall, now temporary parking lot - that screams out for streetart, grafitti, a mural, something, anything but decay

after drop off the groceries to the room
back out walking
to find the next coffeeshop (then lunch)


link to Revelator Coffee at Tchoupitoulas & Girod...

(note: another note regarding how do you say that street, really there should be a whole list/whole guidebook for NOLA or Louisiana... this one, have heard it sound like: Chop a Tool hiss... tho don't quote me on that?!)

since already caffeinated, went for local green juice & saved a gf choc cookie
picked up fun local cards by the register, to look up where else fun to go
(but not going to them today, too far or on the weekend or another day in July)

pear, cucumber, spinach, lemon - City Greens Press - Pear a dise
(note: I cannot find a link for them, another juicery or City Greens salads, wraps, etc but don't find this one)

feeling in a 'green' mood walked on in search of at first one healthy place I'd seen listed on the NOLA Paleo webpg, but then I find this Green to Go place at the corner of Lafayette & Poydras so went in here for a 'Blue Salad' - as in blueberries, blue cheese, bacon, hb eggs, greens/spinach with honey lemon vinaigrette (so blue & green?!)

link to Green to Go at Lafayette & Poydras...

Hollygrove Market & Farm - one of their partners - just happened to pick up their card over at Revelator, only to find too far & not times I can go visit them, this time... but here find they're a partner & who knows maybe something I'm eating is from there afterall

link to their Facebook page, as their webpage was broken/error number kept showing up - Hollygrove Market & Farm...


"Eat the Rainbow" - love it, mentioned in their webpage... it's a good motto--Eat All the Colors in your Food, it's also a really Really good idea... keep aiming for this, daily...

Good Eggs - could be the greens/blueberries in my Blue Salad came from here, it's not just eggs

link to Good Eggs webpage, that I had to enter a zip code for shopping to even be able to just look it all over...


walking back to hotel before ending up back in the Revelator Coffeeshop
when after lunch in the room, tried again to meet up with friends in town
we'd been texting back 'n forth since like Monday hah

and I spy this
or I'd seen it on the posts but it didn't register what it is for

for butts... cigarette butts... cigarette butt recycling... have never seen such a thing, but in a FAB attempt at keeping streets clean... also did not know you could recycle cigarette butts... way to go Downtown Development District - City of New Orleans... Terracycle!

link to article - about the One-of-a-kind Cigarette Butt Recycling Program - that looks like started a year ago in July...do wonder now how their year pilot program has gone--they get supposedly $4 per pound of cigarette butts recycled... I don't smoke, but if folks do it is a question what to do with the butts...

view from the Drury Inn
you can just see the top of the bridge in the distance
great walking from here, thru the warehouse/art/central business district
or over to the French Quarter
this time did not jump the trolley car that rolls by on Carondelet
(so damned hard to remember to keep a quarter to go with a dollar to ride the thing, as it's exact change!!)

I spy--more slaps, stickers...
#omit #lies & a ?? 2-3 color splat art sticker
Free #Streetart

return, redo, coffee, espresso, machiato
and a view of something else I'd never seen before
The Steampunk (for tea or coffee, but they use for tea)

had to look these guys up too, love that they're in the USA--it's something Made in the USA!! Salt Lake City, Utah mostly...

Alpha Dominche aka "First of it's Kind"

must one day, go back, stand & watch it make tea--then another time go find where one is making coffee - until then there's their webpage & Instagram

link to Alpha Dominche - The Steampunk...

energized by coffee, heated by summer sun/heat,
where else to walk in A/C--the Riverwalk NOLA

did find passing the food court that Winks Buttermilk Drops has a food booth now
after watching the movie, Beasts of the Southern Wild, then reading about the actors, finding the one owns/ runs/ bakes at a Buttermilk Drops shop, was curious to try one--but never found it, now it seems you can enjoy the mini-commercialized type inside the Riverwalk NOLA (am absolutely sure the original is better)

link to Winks Bakery - for Buttermilk Drops, is it a Donut/Donut Hole? hmm... don't know for sure... did not try one, yet... (kinda tough now as on a Paleo Meals diet... so there were no Beignets in NOLA for me either, geesh--what timing...)

link to Winks Bakery...

Wink aka Hush Puppy's Father aka Dwight Henry - baker/actor

link to The Outlet Collection at RiverWalk - off Convention Center Blvd & Julia St...

Dinner - La Boca - again walking distance - of course steak

first you 'Choose your weapon' - I chose the red handled steak knife...

but at the end of the meal, this dessert was insane, even for two
we called it the ice wall from Game of Thrones
so embarassed we set it on it's side, folks next to us staring then chuckling
then they ordered the 3 part sampler, like this only in 3 parts & 2 of the parts on their sides
so as not to look like a Wall of Cake?!

link to La Boca Restaurant - corner Tchoupitoulas & St. Joseph St...

from the dessert menu: coconut & amaretto ice cream cake with caramel & toasted coconut

an after dinner stroll, had to - pass by this Costume/Mardi Gras shop
love finding the Zulu Coconuts, as I never caught one & prob never will
but obviously either somone has or they've made their own hah

Southern Costume Company - Lafayette Street

link to their webpage...

Homebase - Steamship Supplies
love this bldg next door to P&G
I automatically thought of Steampunk Steamship
would of loved a grand tour of the inside
maybe one day, I'll meet the owners--like next door drinking coffee

(note: Oh wait, Oh how wonderful--it is an AirBnB, how perfect is that... please Please PLEASE let it be available our next stay to NOLA, love Love LOVE this location... next door to coffeeshop & within walking distance of so much, all this & more...)

"Believe it or not I can actually draw"
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Creative Windows next up the sidewalk

next day, out walking, but first coffee
P&G or Pulp and Grind Coffeeshop - espresso

link to P&G Coffeeshop - corner Camp & Girod...

(note: it is 'not' pump and grind coffee, no matter how many times you misread it?!)

out walking to/in the French Quarter/Vieux Carre
streetart spotting - in between coffeeshop hunting - a teeny tiny slap sticker - thought at first a wee ghost, then wonder later if it's the SnapChat character

spot/walk past a You Go Girl slap sticker streetart
and then too a wooden barber pole - perhaps they still give haircuts here, didn't peek inside (do love their ingenious poor man's barber pole sign tho)

on the way to find Arrow Coffee, or by accident, as I've walked up to North Rampart then remember reading something about them being there - in a combo bike, vintage house goods shop

link to Arrow Coffee Facebook page - on North Rampart between Toulouse & St Peter...


looks to be a handcrafted (cut) business card for Arrow Cafe
no credit given for the craftiness, but I like it
who writes that nearly anymore (not me)

ordered an iced coffee/cold brew - four barrel coffee, creator of the 'fuck it' coffeemug
which were here for sale (know one coffeeshop owner back in Lafayette that loves his mug)
then found 3 or 4 vintage postcards of horses in Ireland (to send to my Sister, the Horse Rescuer)

link to Four Barrel Coffee - from San Fran, Cali - but here in NOLA in Arrow Coffee...

around a corner, walking back into the French Quarter/Vieux Carre
Street art #pasteup of a traditional art portrait, may have seen it, can't place it right now
looks even better as it fades I think

walking down Ursuline, stop in at Croissant d'Or
for lunch - sad lil pile of lettuce with chicken salad on top & no croissant
(damned you Paleo diet, ugh, sometimes it's just tough--in NOLA, not eating croissants nor beignets?!)
so did not eat any Patisserie pastries, nor drank any Cafe au lait here either - this time, tho have in the past
like the view out the front windows & the parrot posters
this use to be Angelo Brocato's, back in the day - you walk in where it was the "Ladies Entrance"
they've kept the black 'n white tiles out front & inside the shop - also in the back there's still a small courtyard with a fountain & statue/ship ladies along either side
but today way Way too hot to sit down at tables in an inside courtyard garden

link to Croissant d' Or Nola - on Ursuline street before you get to the Ursulines Convent - between Royal & Chartres Streets...

St. Lucy - Wiki - more about those 2 eyeballs on a platter... remember there are relgious symbols...

original pipe organ
and original wooden ceiling

link/Wiki of Saint depicted with a jar, book, skull - usually St. Mary Magdalene
had to look her up too, like St. Lucy


link to the Gutenberg Bible, which is what this is, behind glass...

a striking photo of a statue, burned/covered in mud
I think I read it's of St Peter
but those eyes
this I read was taken after it was recovered/restored after the devastation of hurricane katrina

famous mother 'n child
in very ornate crowns
am none too sure if they're real
but would guess they are not

outside another, golden (painted) statue, again in ornate crowns
hers a bird's nest crown, love it, St Francis would of loved that too

amazing mosaic tile work, outside, covering this section of wall, where cars park
you can not walk by it, nor see it, from the road, unless you go inside for a tour & out the back to the courtyard

this vines seed pods were something I'd never seen before, they were soft & fuzzy
there are no plant identity signs in the back gardens of the Old Ursuline Convent
I will keep an eye out if I ever see these again, you can't 'not' touch them
(all I could do not to pluck one off, but I didn't--I'm at a Convent right?!)

There's official only a Self Guided Tour
(for $5.00 Summer Fee, I was told, tho it says the same price on the webpage, curious)
but the ladies there will answer whatever questions you have
along with reading the plaques along the self guided tour
tho didn't help me in the (Bishop's) Chapel or St. Mary's Church as I had to look up later who the Saints were... like St. Lucy with her two eyeballs on a platter in her hand
one of the few old places where you can take all the photos you want--inside or outside

link to New Orleans Official Guide - Old Ursuline Convent...

link to Wiki - Old Ursuline Convent (& more than you ever wanted to know...)

Addiction Coffee - in the French Quarter/Vieux Carre

link to Addiction Coffee - corner Dauphine & Iberville...

"cultivate a habit." Addiction addictioncoffeehouse.com - New Orleans
love their stickers, got a few - coz love their logo (coffeeheads... woof...)
now if only had my old green Honda Element with the back side covered in stickers
(had to trade it in, was a serious 'you know what' to remove said stickers, ugh)

Barista guy was so incredibly nice - let me try a full house special, with cayenne in it & I made a face, he knew... said I didn't have to drink it, then he made me a cold brew instead - also bought a bag of beans, was nice enough to make me a bag of beans that he didn't have made up - French Truck Coffee, a Mexican bean (that I'd heard before but wasn't too sure I'd tried it yet but wanted to)

I had to sit to charge my cell phone up, while trying to figure out where to go next
pulled out my bike Taxi/Pedi-cab cards I kept from previous visits
and double checked with the Barista who he thought was good--same as me, I'd remembered, the yellow Pedi-cab were nice folks, so called them to come get me at the corner so I could go try out the newly reopened St. Roch Market (as it's in Marigny & they do go that far from the French Quarter--yay, for me!)

outside - I spy slaps stickers streetart on the newstand-- #CrazerFlicks or maybe it's not & an acutal film type place (must a Google that, later...tho doubt it, what with the finger...hmm...)

Thank you New Orleans Bike Taxi Unlimited & especially Miss Dru
for picking me up, taking me to St Roch & then waiting to take me back to my hotel
and while I was inside, nicely went to check out for me how far to St Roch Cemetery
to be sure it was safe looking - but decided tonight I did not have enough time, another day
so I bought her an iced coffee for being so nice, how could I not

walked around inside, had to try the Coast Roast coffee soda drink - or iced coffee/cold brew, soda water, simple syrup over ice...so So refreshing...

order the Sparkling Marzagran
named after a Portuguese drink I'm told

link to what you find if you search Mazagran - Wiki...

link to a FAB u lous List of Coffee Drinks - on Wiki no less...


"Mazagran (sometimes misspelled as Mazagrin) is a cold coffee drink that originated in Algeria. It is typically served in a tall glass, and is made with coffee and ice. Sometimes sugar, rum, lemon or water is added. Sometimes a fast version is achieved by pouring a previously sweetened espresso in a cup with ice cubes and a slice of lemon"

plus whilte you're standing at the counter if you've wondered what chicory looks like, there's a piece on the counter to check out--I knew it wasn't a cacao bean, but wasn't sure what chicory looked like...so now I know?!

link to Chicory - Wiki...

link to St Roch Market at St. Claude & St. Roch...

link to all the current Vendors at St Roch Market...

link to Coast Roast Coffee Facebook page...

link to Coast Roast Coffee Webpage...

had that 'coffee soda' with a side of another gf (or I think it was) Drew Brees inspired cookie--it's peanut butter inside (I only know he's the Saint's QB/football player) called the "Who Dat" Cookie hah love it! guessing he must love peanut butter then...

link to The Sweet Spot Bakery Facebook page...

Donna Maloney - Owner, Baker... I think that may have been her behind the counter, all dressed in fun vintage clothes (is it 20's or 30's or ?? I don't know, am the worst 'what year was that' guesser--but just now super cute & fun!!)

walking to dinner, again, again streetart, tiny pasteup face, spotted the crazy hair first thing
almost missed it, no name, like it a lot, especially here on this grey/white post/wall

Cafe Carmo
the best meal - described as being vegan friendly
this one of the house specials
before this a shared small green salad
everything was perfect
even tho not your typical sit down & order restaurant
you get up to order/pay at the counter
then you get served
drinks come from the bar, as you've given them your name to call out
like if someone at your table orders a glass of red wine
along with when the food comes out, again they call your name
we went a bit early, good thing, got crowded fast & had reserved tables too

someone at our table ordered the Rico Sandwich, looked good with the pulled pork
& was very surprised it was served breadless, but that it was liked just as well

my order was the house special--Acarajé

"A black-eyed pea fritter stuffed with vetape (a cashew peanut coconut paste,) shrimp and salsa fresca, served with our own special hot sauce. Available vegan (without shrimp)"

link to Cafe Carmo - on Julia St, between Camp & Magazine...

Sarah Dearie artist on exhibit at the restaurant, from NOLA
I think I have seen her art before on a wall in a shop in the French Quarter
that may have sold socks & t-shirts if I'm remembering correctly

link to Artist - Sarah Dearie...

another after dinner stroll, more street art
uptop giant black letters that spell #spoqkit ??
& then past this Hecho en Nuevo Orleans

last day in NOLA - more coffees, another home tour
finally make it into the Hermann - Grima House in Vieux Carre/French Quarter
only house left with the outdoor kitchen & the horse stables
and there are only 3 tours a day at 10, 12 & 2 (I'd missed it 2 other times, so had to make it today)

back to the Revelator
with my espresso keep cup
for an espresso or a machiatto
asked if it would be a challenge for the Barista
they were busy, so didn't see it when he made it
but took the top off so I could see the latte art
it's really Really hard I'm guessing to latte in the tiny espresso cups

more walking, more street art
DJ RQ Away slaps stickers #djrqaway

the lil rain barrel/ cistern of iron, which I would not have guessed it was for water
no longer in use, was told their banned--due to mosquitos

the stable stalls, with the 100-150 yr old wood, cypress--that prob isn't even around anylonger (all cut down to make lumber I would guess)

link to the Hermann - Grima on St. Louis (between Dauphine & Bourbon) & Gallier on Royal (at Ursuline) Museum/ Houses in the French Quarter/Vieux Carre, New Orleans...

at some point in walking the 'Quarter I passed the Wax Museum
I did not know there was one
so I asked a lady with her daughter coming out the door what they thought
the daughter said nothing & the lady wagged her hand like a symbol for neither good nor bad
it looked the price was not something I wanted to spend to find out, as I'd already give the 2 museum houses my $15.00 plus another $5.00 to the Ursulines Old Convent - which I don't mind for them to preserve these old buildings, but wax figures is something I just wouldn't pay to see (I'm not sure I ever paid to go inside one like ever either...) but I'll give 'em credit for a fine Frankenstein Poster!! (all I could think of was how it would make an even finer pasteup or stencil for StreetArt instead hah?!)

wandering different streets back to the hotel, before heading out of NOLA
I accidently passed the Merchant sign off the Maritime Building
at first I kept walking, it not registering--Wait, that's a coffeeshop... why am I still walking?!

link to Merchant New Orleans - on Common St in the Maritime Bldg at the corner of Bourbon after you pass Canal Street - read they use Illy's Coffee...

"Coffee, Crepes, Grapes" is their motto--next time would like to try a Crepe, maybe not Wine/Grapes but know someone who would try that while I'm trying more coffee drinks hah

so anyways went inside to try their coffee soda drink, this one a Perrier with an espresso shot (read they use Illy's Coffee here) poured over ice - the Bubbilly (cute name)
the Barista guy with the 'man bun' (sorry, so bad with remembering names) told me about a coffee soda drink in NYC called a "Manhattan" in a small yellow bottle, had I been there/had I tried one... No, I had not - but I would ask my theatre friends who knew folks up there if they had... this conversation started after ordering & saying I'd tried the one (a coffee soda) out at St Roch Market/Coast Coffee & was going to try one in Lafayette at The Lab... the first with soda water, simple syrup & I thought coldbrew but may have been cold coffee... the second I'd heard would be some combination of espresso, raw sugar & Tonic Water... so far the Marzagran was my favorite in the most refreshing category - I will continue to try others all summer tho as they come along, it seems to be a trend (like cold brews in/out of the bottle or Nitro's aren't enough?!) <3 it <3 coffee!@@!

link to read up on the Manhattan Special - aka a coffee soda...

the little yellow bottle of coffee soda
espresso, pure cane sugar - guessing some type of water
recipe/bottle/label maybe too from 1895

On on that Coffee Note...

The End
of the Road Trip to NOLA with mostly Coffee ;-)

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