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Caffeine Crawl2 Run H-town

Caffeine Crawl 2
Houston, TX
turned into a bit of a caffeine run
between being caffeinated & the rain showers at the end



The Lab
Beverage Life
Jason, Sadie/Savannah (filling in)
Emily, Michael

Beverage Life.com...


The Lab - prev Lab 5702
Twitter @Lab5702
Instagram @The_Lab_Team
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LAB5702

Pinterest Caffeine Crawl - Houston...
(note: only last year, for now, the 1st year 2014)

All the Coffee -shops/houses/bars/cafes...
on the Caffeine Crawl 2 Houston, TX

Blacksmith Coffee
Boomtown Coffee
Catalina Coffee
Double Trouble
Eatsie Boys
Honeymoon Cafe & Bar
Paper Co.
Retrospect Coffee Bar
Siphon Coffee
Southside Espresso

https://twitter.com/bl4cksmith  https://www.facebook.com/blacksmithhouston
boomtowncoffee.com  https://twitter.com/boomtowncoffee https://www.facebook.com/pages/Boomtown-Coffee
catalinacoffeeshop.com  https://twitter.com/catalinacoffee  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Catalina-Coffee
www.doubletroublehouston.com  https://twitter.com/2xtroubletx  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Double-Trouble
eatsieboys.com  https://twitter.com/eatsieboys  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eatsie-Boys
thehoneymoonhtx.com https://twitter.com/thehoneymoonhtx https://www.facebook.com/thehoneymoonhtx
www.mercantilehouston.com https://twitter.com/Mercantile_Rice https://www.facebook.com/mercantileinthevillage
www.papercohouston.com https://twitter.com/papercohouston https://www.facebook.com/papercohouston
https://twitter.com/retrospectcbar https://www.facebook.com/ReptrospectCoffee  
siphoncoffeehouston.com https://twitter.com/siphoncoffeetx   https://www.facebook.com/siphoncoffeehouston
southsideespresso.com https://twitter.com/southsidehou https://www.facebook.com/SouthsideEspresso

Route 4:
Boomtown Coffee
Eatsie Boys
Double Trouble
Retrospect Coffee Bar
Siphon Coffee

boomtowncoffee.com  https://twitter.com/boomtowncoffee https://www.facebook.com/pages/Boomtown-Coffee
eatsieboys.com  https://twitter.com/eatsieboys  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eatsie-Boys
www.doubletroublehouston.com  https://twitter.com/2xtroubletx  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Double-Trouble
https://twitter.com/retrospectcbar https://www.facebook.com/ReptrospectCoffee 
siphoncoffeehouston.com https://twitter.com/siphoncoffeetx   https://www.facebook.com/siphoncoffeehouston
www.mercantilehouston.com https://twitter.com/Mercantile_Rice https://www.facebook.com/mercantileinthevillage

Local Magazine...

The Coffee Minimalist...
note: from the ticket photo they were on Route 4 with us?!

Instagram @fotobymatt


Preview Thursday - Caffeine Crawl Houston 2015...

Drove Route 4 for fun & timing & with the GPS/Navigation set up for all the Coffeeshops
First Stop, that had not been on year before, Double Trouble--so had to try a FlatWhite & check out the neighborhood, along with slaps/stickers/streetart (next trip maybe will hit up the Vintage, Vinyl, Tatt, food shops up 'n down the street either way)

#LordWorm #VincentFink

lovely lady portrait below the worm is a new #slaps #stickers


oh my the streetartists I don't know yet
or are some of these from the vinyl shop


iguntexas, ishoottexas ?? * #ibangtexas #ibangtx
*later we will find a barista with this t-shirt on to ask her--it is "I Bang Texas"
and at the bottom read also later--ForgottenArtsClothing.com (told means more like I "represent" Texas)

and after that don't know a name or an artist, but hope to run across them again & find out




across the street upstairs J esus S aves

The Last Stand of the Orangutan
The Power is in Your Palm

so is this streetart, slap, sticker or a means to make a point/show a problem
about Palm Oil, which I did not know was a problem (as I don't use it, that I know of - but maybe it is in small print on some ingredient list on some bottle in my house & I don't even know about it...)

can go to http://www.theproblemwithpalmoil.org/ to find out more tho

#LordWorm #VincentFink
lone slap sticker on a big power box down the alley
why is he all alone, don't know
maybe there's been a recent cleansing or replacements/upgrades

El Nacho #ElNacho
I couldn't read this slap sticker vinyl well
but found it elsewhere & read it again
tho still am at a lose for the arrows, hand, palm, triangle, etc

I have seen before
I like the face with the star eye, but have not seen it before
and I still find confusing the tags on Postal Mailing Stickers

WoodBar... After Eatsie Boys, across the street
park, wander into Settlement Goods (for their closing sale--I find them, they're closing)
wander next door then into WoodBar, coz I read "coffee' in neon up in the corner of the front window to the left of the door... next door, on the end, Canopy--their restaurant sister
inside there is an espresso machine & a barista & start chatting only to find out the girl is the lead barista
also find another roaster I don't know--Fontana Roaster, which am told is an off shoot of the oldest in Houston--Lola Savannah (that I passed by mistake downtown trying to find another coffeeshop--Tout Suite)

I try a machiatto, get a lovely inhouse made mini biscotti
and something new, ice water in a metal cup--which I've not seen since tall narrow Tupperware drink cups or short metal cups from the neighbors when I was a kid growing up in Florida...can I call them Vintage then?




home find an article in all the magazine I picked up inside Settlement Goods
about what else but the Houston Caffeine Crawl
and I feel sorry for those that are reading about it late
or like the lead barista didn't know anything about it until I told her it was the 2nd year already & the tickets were all sold out

at Siphon there was heart coffee from Portland, OR
that I'd never tried to going to grind up/brew a cup, find out what it tastes like



Stop 1 for all Routes - Honeymoon Cafe - Downtown Houston
Chocolate folks from (soon to be headquarters in) Tomball, TX - Tejas Chocolates
Love 'em know 'em from a lot of visits to the Farmer's Market after meeting them last year at the First Annual Caffeine Crawl Houston
New Texas Milk guy, have not met him before, Mill-King, but great to hear about his non--just about everything cow farm out in MacGregor, Texas
Honeymoon - Boomtown - Cafe au laits (nicely done for papercups) & beignet bites, they tried (those of us who've lived in Lafayette, LA & been numerous times to NOLA will be sad it's not 'those' beignets--more like a donut bite, but poor things had to make like 100-130 of them I think I heard... you've got to be geared up well for that many?!)
by the way--they have a Slayer espresso machine, one of few if not only made in the USA & could be the only 1 in Houston, TX (until Retrospect Opens, then there will be two--Yay for us!)
one of the barista's for the day-- Unobstructed Art_ if you go online to look for him, has an Insta




Stop 2 - Route 4 - Eatsie Boys
love the indoors grafitti/street art on the walls
on the front door/window the slaps/stickers
here we got a whole cup of coffee, which I did not think was going to be happening
(so I had to save it, not to waste it--knowing there would be more coffee stops?!)
and a small cup of inhouse made ice cream - chose this 1 out of 3, the Vietnamese Coffee IceCream
(wondering how this would be in an affogado, hmm... did not dump into my, not an espresso, coffee btw)
Greenway Roaster Mexican coffee beans were used--do not remember trying this one before



Stop 3 - Route 4 - Double Trouble Cafe & Bar
am not sure of the name, it could be twins, it could be coffee/beer (or alcohol) as in coffeebar/cocktailbar
but I loved the cold brew coffee sample over ice
I did not try, but loved the name of, the alcoholic sample--belovedly, bespoke named... fauxlua is in a fake kahlua
Mill-King milk samples were here, so we weren't running around with them all day (in the so said the weatherfolks 75F day) - took one of the whole milk or was it 1-2% to splash a bit in the cold brew after trying it plain at first (sadly did not take the rest, nor the chocolate milk sample--I knew I wouldn't be home until after dark, no cooler in the car either?!)

As much as the cafe coffee/cocktail bar I liked the grafitti/streetart or slaps/stickers especially all around this place, as I had on my preview visit here--more photos & slapped a sticker up as well... eee... yeehah...

#love #upartstudio #dandeewarhol
#R&R #roar
#lordworm #vincentfink
#pug ?? #pugface #blackpugface
#egyptianeye or ?? #ena713 #eyeofhorus
#toonzday #nijavanish
#FPH = FreePressHouston
#rollingZ or #Zonwheels #Zoe or ??
#lo #littleoutfit

#houstonneedsaswimminghole houstonneedsaswimminghole.com

#loveandrockets (it's what I'm calling that colorful vinyl--so extra Fab u lous as in we're in Houston where NASA is right)

little spikehair marshmallow guy ?? _



photo taken by Chere Coen - Lafayette, LA

photo taken by Chere Coen - Lafayette, LA

photo taken by Chere Coen - Lafayette, LA

Stop 4 - Route 4 - Retrospect Coffee - not even open yet
but inside, what a wild surprise, the three Ethiopian ladies
making traditional coffee, roasting in a pan on the gas burner
from green to dark brown, grind it, boiling water in the other pan
lovely cups or we used the paper
shared popcorn
find out in talking they're from Blue Nile restaurant in town
and they do this there, must try this another time
see plans, see old photos, meet Stephen & Colby I think
(there's a photo with me somewheres--my sidekick Chere took one I know)
This place use to be an old Gulf gas station, the vintage photo cracks me up
everyone dressed up, shiny car, men pumping gas & checking cars out in overalls
plus they're having a coke in a bottle from the new big pop cooler in the island next to the pumps
now those pumps--wouldn't it be great if they could find one, or piece one together or just build one
one of the owner guys told me they were thinking to make it a fountain & like have the gas hose for filling up doggie water bowls (love that idea, as many of their others for the place)
outside a train container sits, that will become part of their space, maybe toilets
the outside wall will become an art canvas, a streetart wall, love that too
until then, as it will be months probably yet before they open (permits, city, trying for historical marker, etc) there is streetart just a step or two outdoors...there is a GiveWall where we parked in the grass lots beside them



Picture Yourself Here Because We All Need to Give Back
Wiley/UpArtStudio (spreading the "Love" in another way)

from what I understand there is more than one Give Wall
they are in a few communities
I can't speak for others but in this one there is HCC Central
Station Contemporary Arts Museum & soonish the Retrospect Coffeebar
which I will visit & suppoart at least 2 out of the 3 for now
and at the moment that's all I know about this area of H-town



Stop 5 - Route 4 - Siphon
Yes, of course, there is a Siphon sample for us
and inhouse made signature cookie

owner speaking as our barista makes the large Siphon
I love this coffee experiment like no other, no matter how many times I've watched it

note: this is where I find out about that sticker we've been seeing--the what I kept guessing as IShootTexas or IGunTexas, our barista has the image on her t-shirt, ask her about it, it's her friend, makes t-shirts, clothes... it's I Bang Texas, as in I 'represent' Texas (this for me is a stretch, but if I'm too old for this then so be it... I like never the less, the story & that it's a friend helping a friend...)


The First Tiime I saw a Siphon work - Lafayette, LA - Carpe Diem Gelato Espresso...

Let there be light to brew my coffee...

note: bit of a long blog post, I went um uh gah gah I guess over the Siphon... but what fun "research" :)

Stop 6 - Route 4 - Mercantile
I totally had the wrong coffeeshop in mind for inside this place
use to be a convience store I'm told
love their interior
our cold brew sample
wander past the wine selections, the newspapers/magazines, on to the cooler case
where I find? Black & Blue--Cuvee's cold brew, that I have only ever had from a tap at Verts Kebpaps/ Kebobs in Vintage Park area, next door to the newish Whole Foods there (so yes, I bought a can to bring home--somewhere along the way in my coffee adventures I have been told you can reheat cold brew & it is excellent, I'm gonna try this...) What a label eh?!

After the Caffeine Crawl, there is a Grafitti/street art/mural/painted wall stop, then there is lunch-aka real food & what else? another coffee--yeehah, on a caffeine roll, why not...


Cuvee Coffee
obviously not just Black & Blue Cold Brew...

I could watch this loop all day long...sigh...that espresso...I want that so bad...OK, no I cannot watch this all day--will have to go either pop open that saved can of Black & Blue, pour over ice (or reheat, as I heard you can do that & not ruin everything) or make an espresso on the stove with my cafeteria... lovely...


some more about the Cuvee Coffee - Black & Blue - Nitro Cans...
if I only lived in Austin, TX...is it that far to drive--why have I not driven there yet...for coffee...

stop in the parking lot across the street from the largest wall, the largest mural in Texas
which I wasn't sure where it was until passing it on the way to the Caffeine Crawl stops on Route 4
so had to come back to see it up close & take photos, when delighted to see the whole building across the street is wrapped around with streetart...

I'm told it's all Daniel Anguilu, but am not sure, see many other signatures along the buildings wall/ painted sections... especially interested in the wood rooster image...

Daniel Anguilu - Open the Door...

from across the street - the largest mural, Mr D - Sebastien Boileau
Preservons la Creation

The Biggest Mural in Houston...
has it's own webpage

Eyeful Art
Who is Mr D

i spy a few tags, slaps/stickers, going around the corner
*new discovery, over on insta--top right corner, that's #thieve @_thieve

3D wood street art grafitti
I'll call him a Rooster, it is a bird I'd guess
but who is the artist

here I finally read the Forgotten Arts Clothing.com
under the "I Bang Texas" slap sticker vinyl


#Larceny ?? above & below ??

*wait--added note: discovered on insta, below, it's #thieve @_thieve

across the back street - Love You

Art Saves Lives

who is that baby stencil in purple

a fish
as a Pisces, always a fish holds my attention
as does water, sea shells, sea gulls, beaches

then there is lunch... and more coffee...

Brunch Menu
Eggs on a croissant - so de lish
shared a "Cafe Bon Bon"
or it's a hot Vietnamese Coffee
so condensed milk bottom - double shot top
and am not sure is she said cinnamon in there too

stopped here on my Preview Coffee Tour
after passed by Eatsie Boys came over here
or to Settlement Goods as going out of business sale
they're next door with a sign that includes coffee so how could I resist
Fontana Roasted coffee here
met the Lead Barista
loved her t-shirt, should of taken a photo--something about Mom & Coffee
who was in here again, as was the same Barista girl from Thursday

Woodbar share space with Canopy - lovely sisters...

About Vietnamese iced coffee - per Wiki...

Art Stop
and Oh why not, a shot of espresso in Inversion - Scrimshaw from Greenway (have had one once before)
next door to Art League - Mel Chin Drawings in the front gallery
good to see them again, as missed some connections the first time
(but that's another post on the Blog)

Look Up - Umbrellas are in the trees, don't find a plaque for them
mosaic table - what to do with all those bottle caps or broken jewelry (I have a crafty friend, she'd love this project...she's broken up ceramic plates/tea cups to make birdhouses & patio table tops before...)

here there are slap stickers street art
what I thought was Obey is not, nor Rocky Horror Picture Show/Frankenfurter - but a Bride of Frankenstein vinyl sticker
above ?? an anniversary clock in green
like the bamboo garden behind especially

Art League Houston - Mel Chin - listed now as a Past Exhibit...

Under Art League Houston - Press - 2 links for Mel Chin, 1 for the umbrella/parasol artist following...

Mel Chins Work is all over Houston - Houston Press...

Mel Chin...

note: I'm still leaning toward these drawings, this room of drawings, this particular wall of drawings as my favorite, if I had to choose one to see... and I hear this venue, this idea, was last minute, so that at the beginning when I was visiting the other venues, this one was either not mentioned - for sure not in print - then finally someone behind a museum counter told me to go to the Art League as well... finally now I have seen it mentioned in print more than once, but am glad to have seen it twice--once on my own, once with a friend (which really that second time I saw more, should prob do that more often--go see things a second time, a different day, a different eye maybe...)

Excuse me--those are Parasols in the trees...

"...the sculpture garden is home to an installation of its own, local multi-media artist Jo Ann Fleischhauer’s Sexual Selection. Hanging from the branches of the two large pecan trees is a flock of beautifully patterned, vibrantly colored hanging parasols."

Media Sculpture & Installation Artist - Jo Ann Fleischhauer...

The Parasol Project...

across the side street from the Art League
what better than Texas Art Supply
on the wall, street art, mural art in small square sections--here a face I like (tho can't read the artist)
and inside, so many art aisles, there are posters--especially like all the bnw black and white faces


back out in front of Art League/Inversion
there is Daniel Anguilu again

where I stand in my Tom's blue coffee mug with steam painted Fav Shoes
(painted for a Soul of Soles art fundraiser) - now the Retrospect guys seem to like them
the idea of them--who knows they may have a paint shoes event too <3 it!

on the ground next to the face/eyes
there is a red outline of a body
kind of like when there is a crime scene

read the plaque for the artist name & find a sad story
that there was a body - look him up, read more, I don't want to repeat here



note: have seen his murals with the kids at the Altharetta Yeargin Art Museum...


another slap sticker on the walkway handrail pole
the oil derrick caught my eye & the horse head
but what's with the pointing hand wrapped finger & skull/car
title of  'prison soup' - Oh so not an oil derrick but a prison tower
Oh the things I don't know...yet...

Swag from the day - Caffeine Crawl Houston
2nd annual
another year to wait
but Oh the coffeeshops/coffee yet to find
Coffee Adventures never done, that's a good thing

Tejas Chocolate brown label sample (get these at the Tomball Farmer's Market on Saturdays)
Coffee sample from Boomtown at Honeymoon Cafe
CoffeeSleeveMessage times two
Retrospect flyer - only months to wait for them, not a whole another year
Local magazine - Caffeine Crawl Houston in there
love the Frida twins on the cover tho - flowers in their hair



Michelle & Scott--good people
(note: last Sat Tomball TX Farmer's Market they had hot chocolate, my new Fav chocolate squares made from Cocao of Peru & if that wasn't enough for Happy Dancing Tastebuds there was BBQ with chocolate mole sause for the pulled pork taco's & home made slaw with jicama in it...Oh my goodness...mmm)


(Opps...didn't read this until I got home from the Caffeine Crawl2 Houston... but take note--we were mostly 'not' given full size papercup samples... so this sleeve would 'not' have fit them, tho I tried at our first stop then put in our Yelp bag with the other swag to take home...sorry, but true--are there smaller choices for smaller samples...next year y'all?!)

Suggestion: please make a cloth one, I've seen them at Whole Foods--come on Houston, I carry it in my bag & have given them away... Sleeve your Coffee, Sleeve a Message & Do Good!!!

Cloth Coffee Sleeve - Life Jacket - Whole Foods... Give Back...

Ok OK you are FUN--SleeveaMessage, love local messages on  my Coffee Sleeves, if I need one... and I do see you are partnering with Forest Relief & planting trees & trying for sustainability... thank you all, keep that up & we can all do more... Reuse cups like KeepCups for instance when you can, Reuse sleeves like the cloth ones for example & they can still have messages on them... Coffeeshops that have Bring your own Mug for Frequent Flyer Customers... so many creative options out there ya'll, find one, do that?!

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